Lloyd Criminal Law

Lloyd Criminal Law is a boutique law firm specialising in defending criminal and traffic law matters in the Northern Rivers and North Coast of NSW.

Eddie Lloyd

Principal solicitor Edwina (Eddie) Lloyd has a reputation for expertly representing clients charged with criminal offences.

Eddie is a dedicated and experienced criminal defence solicitor. She has travelled to remote parts of the world in order to provide the best representation to her clients.

She has worked on many high profile cases and is well known for her advocacy in drug law reform. 

Eddie is no stranger to tough legal battles. Having devoted herself exclusively to criminal matters, she has handled nearly every type of crime conceivable. Eddie’s dedication and experience makes her an exceptional advocate in the courtroom.

Eddie has worked with the finest barristers in NSW instructing in trials involving complex matters such as murders, aggravated robbery and tax fraud. Should you wish or require a barrister, Eddie is able to advise you on who is the most appropriate for your case.

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Eddie has lectured law at university in criminal law, corporations law and ethics.  She is always up to date on legal developments.

Eddie is a well known advocate for drug law reform who gives regular presentations and is frequently a guest speaker at numerous events focused on drug law reform.

Knowing that no two cases are exactly alike, Eddie has devoted her professional career to diligently representing her clients with the most vigorous legal defence possible.  

If you need someone who will care about you and your case, someone who is dedicated to getting the best possible result, Eddie Lloyd is the right choice.

what clients say

"I was charged with serious crimes which carried a heavy gaol term. Eddie really helped me understand the legal issues of my case and the problems the prosecution faced. She worked really hard on my case and managed to get all my charges thrown out before committal. I always felt like she cared about me and wanted the best outcome.”


"Eddie was one of my law lecturer's at university. She really inspired me to enter the legal profession and has mentored me ever since."


"I have never needed to services of a lawyer. That abruptly changed on November 2011. I was arrested after being mistaken as a bank robber whilst riding my bicycle through Bondi Junction. After my arrest I was unfairly charged with trespassing, and in dire need of a criminal lawyer.
From the onset Eddie gave me the reassurance I needed to continue my day to day duties as a working professional and as a husband and father. Edwina took me from the legal ordeal from beginning to end and never once did I question her integrity. She is an absolute professional whom I recommend to all who fall on the wrong side of the law.
Eddie you are a credit to the Legal Profession, and I again thank you for everything you have done for me."


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